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DEBI Awards Guidelines

How to make the most of your entry

Important:  When the judges are shortlisting down to the three finalists, all they have in front of them to consider is your entry form.

Make sure you include everything you want them to consider. Content in excess of page count limitations will not be considered. Judges will not look at ancillary documentation or website links – their decision will be based solely on your application form!

Your entry might include:

  • A description of  your product or service and why you consider it to be environmentally sustainable;
  • Evidence relating to efficient transport, water, energy, waste(including pollution control) and other resource management; your application will be enhanced by the inclusion of targets attained and actual achievements;
  • How you support biodiversity, or support others engaged in enhancing biodiversity;
  • Anything that makes you distinctive from an environmental perspective;
  • If you have previously entered, you must demonstrate how you have progressed your environmental programme since the last entry.

Your entry will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Commitment by the individual/organisation to environmental sustainability.
  • Efficient resource use e.g. water, energy, reduction of waste, renewable energy technologies.
  • Use of environmentally sustainable transportation.
  • Use of sustainable procurement e.g. purchasing environmental products or local products.
  • Evidence of benefit and impact
  • Level of innovation.
  • Potential for wider impact and adoption as best practice.
  • Benefits to employees, customers, the wider community, and biodiversity

Overall Winner category 

Enquiries for sponsorship opportunities for 2018 are welcomed.  Please email for more information.

The winners of each of the main categories below, excluding Environmental Champion and the DEBI Member awards, will be put forward for the Overall Winner award.  The lead judge from each category panel will put their case forward and based on this, the category winner most deserving of the Overall Winner title will be chosen.

Which category should I enter?     

  • You can enter your business/ project into a maximum of two categories.
  • Review all the categories closely and decide which category is your best fit.

The following descriptions of each category are designed to help you choose the right category for your entry.



Educated in Devon Award


Aimed at those who promote environmental education across Devon, recognizing schools, colleges, universities, community groups and businesses which have made a significant contribution to improving environmental education.

This could be:

  • By directly educating people in environmental topics
  • By working with/supporting community groups in developing environmental projects.

Supporting innovative educational programmes that encourage and stimulate environmental awareness.



Made in Devon Award

Aimed at businesses and organisations of all sizes including Manufacturing, Farming, Hospitality and Retail that manufacture, grow or make products, or provide a service in Devon.  Entrants will typically celebrate and participate in Devon’s thriving local economy whilst protecting and raising awareness of its unique environmental credentials.

For example:

  • A manufacturer who minimises resource use and waste, including effective recycling.
  • A business producing a product or providing a service embracing the environmental agenda, ensuring their supply chain is ethically sound.
  • An establishment committed to growing and/or delivering sustainably produced food.

An organisation providing a service that can demonstrate that they are managing and reducing negative environmental impacts and delivering a positive environmental impact wherever possible through innovation and/or best practice.




Enjoyed in Devon Award

Aimed at the Hospitality, Leisure and Retail sectors that provide locally-produced or locally-sourced products or services that can be enjoyed by all who visit or live in Devon. The business will promote the unique environment within Devon in a sustainable manner.

Examples include:

  • A tourism business embracing the environmental agenda.
  • A business demonstrating environmental best practice whilst delivering food, or leisure activities.

A sustainable leisure activity providing access to and enjoyment of Devon’s unique environment.




Sustainable in Devon Award

For businesses, co-operatives and community projects which operate in an ethical manner, whilst having regard to their environmental impact and delivering corporate social responsibility.  Whilst their end-product may not be anything to do with the environment, during their operations, they take steps to mitigate environmental damage, or better still enhance the environment.  They also strive to contribute to a better society. This support for people and the planet, as well as generating profits, is known as “Triple bottom line delivery”.

Examples could include:

  • Managing, measuring and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Using/generating renewable energy and/or adapting operations to a changing climate.
  • Minimising resource use and waste, for example by ensuring effective recycling.
  • Delivering habitat improvements for wildlife.

Delivering measures which demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of employees, customers and/or the community.




Public Service in Devon Award


For the most environmentally sustainable project or initiative in Devon by a Public Service organization in the last two years.

Entries are welcome from across Public Services, including Government Agencies, Local Authorities, Health/NHS, Emergency Services, Housing Associations, Public Transport.

Examples could show how an excellent Public Service has been maintained/improved whilst:

  • Managing, measuring and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Using/generating renewable energy and/or adapting operations to a changing climate.
  • Minimising resource use and waste, for example by ensuring effective recycling.
  • Delivering habitat improvements for wildlife.





DEBI Environmental Champion Award

Nominated by an individual or business, this person may be:

  • Someone who commits a substantial amount of their own time and effort to their environmental work or project.
  • A business or social environmental champion who has created and grown a business or service which demonstrates their commitment to the environment, and sustainability.

Involved in a community, conservation or educational project that has enhanced Devon’s environment.


Applications for entry for this year’s Awards will be accepted from June to September 2018

For e-mail applications send to:

Postal address for applications:-
249 Monks Road
Devon EX4 7BN

If you would like any further advice please don’t hesitate to telephone us on 0300 365 3124 or email